Member Of The Month (September)

The weather is still cold and wet here in Perth, but we are edging closer to summer, believe it or not!

Even though the conditions haven't been the best, it has been business as usual for us at Fulla Strength and Conditioning. Which brings about today's latest article.

Fremantle Personal Training

It is time for our next edition of our Member Of The Month (MOTM) award.

September was a great month for our clients, which made the decision a tough one but we feel this month's winner was very well deserving!

 Winning the award for the month of September is:

Adriano DiLazzaro

This has been on the cards for a while and I think it's time we recognised the continual and super-consistent efforts of this man.
Adriano has been training with head coach Jesse in a 1-1 setting for close to 10 months now and continues to get better.

Just over a week ago, he crushed a 195kg Deadlift! 

He has been training 2-3 times per week at FullaSC, so it's no wonder that he hits big numbers in the gym. Training consistency truly is rewarded with commitment like that. 

We did a short interview with Adriano about his ongoing experience with us. You can check it out below.

Fulla Strength and Conditioning

Q1- When did you first start training with FullaSC (Month/Year)?

  • December 2015

Q2- What keeps bringing you back?

  • The variety of the exercises that Jesse provides and how each session is different. Due to my high-stress job it acts as a stress-relief outlet for me too.

Q3- What results have you achieved so far?

  •  My strength has improved significantly due to the way the programming is structured. This is also down to the inclusion of my progressive increments in weights in the strength component.

It also challenges me to do things I don't like, but know are beneficial. Such as pull-ups, lunges and burpees.

Q4- Where do you see yourself in 3 months (in terms of results)?

  •  Being a lot stronger, working towards my goals of a 220kg deadlift and 100kg strict press. Which I know are not easy things to achieve, but with the training that Jesse provides it will facilitate in getting me closer to them.

Q5- What do you enjoy most about the services provided at FullaSC?

  • The flexibility in being able to create programs that I like and enjoy, but customised in line with my goals.

Adriano will be rewarded for all his continued hard work with the following prizes;

  • 1x FREE Personal Training Session
  • 1x FullaSC Training Towel
  • 5x FullaSC Bumper Stickers

We're pumped to recognise another one of our clients successes and will be looking forward to helping Adriano continue making progress in the coming weeks and months!

Until next time,

Train hard!



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