Why you're not losing as much weight as you want.

In the name of weight loss, numbers and stats are king. They don't lie!

They just tell a story of what has happened to get you to your current state.
I do acknowledge that some people have medical conditions and hormonal issues which may make losing weight more difficult.

However, for most folks, the reason/s that they don't see numbers on the scales moving can be attributed to the following;

  • Not keeping track of weight
  • Unsure of what ACTUALLY goes in their mouth (no record of food and liquids)
  • Poor understanding of what is 'good nutrition'
  • Lack of consistency

The list isn't long, but it is important!
Each of the above points play a significant role in achieving weight/fat loss.

If you have been working your butt off in the gym and aren't seeing results, then the food side of things is the issue.

The diet plays the biggest role of all when it comes to changing your body composition or altering the number on the scales.
If you have no record of what you are putting in your mouth, how are you sure what needs to stay and what needs to go???
That should be your first action item if you haven't already done it. A 7-day food diary.

When you see what you eat on a daily basis you may be surprised at what, and how much you are actually consuming.

You don't need to analyze it every single day. Just write.
Record each and every thing from day 1 to day 7.
Once you have done that, THEN you can review it and see what needs adjusting, replacing and removing from your daily eating habits.
Yes, it may be a shock. But, hey! If it gives you a better understanding of what needs to be done and how to improve your nutritional habits, that's a WIN!!!
The more you know, the more you can apply. So don't be afraid to potentially learn something new.

It might come in handy down the track.

You may/may not feel confident in your abilities to review this information. If this is you, please contact me, or someone you trust to take a look at your records and stats to help you move forward.
You might find you only require small adjustments to a few things each day. The smallest alterations can lead to the biggest changes!
Don't be afraid to try something different.

"If it's not working, change it!"

Until next time,

Happy training!



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