Member Of The Month (August)

Another month has gone by and that means it is time to announce the next Fulla Strength and Conditioning Member Of The Month (MOTM).

Fulla Strength and Conditioning MOTM (August)

The winner of this month's accolade is someone who is very deserving and has been working with us for quite some time.

She is the lady behind the scenes at Fulla SC.

The winner is Elizabeth Stevens.

We feel that Liz has shown great progress, especially notable over the last 8 weeks! She has also been a regular gym user over the past 5 years or so.

The training methods she has been using have evolved quite a bit over this time period!

Initially, she was attracted to the group exercise class scene, but then started doing circuit classes involving weights and now focuses heavily on weight training. With some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training thrown in once p/wk. 
Liz has also competed in a few fitness competitions too, which were quite a big step for her. The type of training and consistency required for such an endeavour cannot be underestimated! It is something that requires 100% dedication and focus.
This left a bit of a mark though, with the bounce-back from a very low calorie diet having a negative effect on her metabolism. 1 year on she is now back to what I would call a normal, healthy metabolism. 
We did a short interview with Liz regarding her ongoing experience and coaching programs from FullaSC. You can read that below;

Q1- When did you first start training with FullaSC (Month/Year)?

A- I think probably for somewhere around 2 years now.

Q2- What keeps bringing you back?

A- Jesse’s attention to detail is second to none. He is genuinely passionate about what he does and he wants to work with you to get the best possible results for you. He is also very knowledgeable and is more than willing to share that knowledge to help you improve.

Q3- What results have you achieved so far?

A- Increased strength, fitness and technique. My improved form has also eliminated injuries and niggles which were impacting my training previously. I have also dropped body fat, built up my muscle mass and I have a much better understanding of how to fuel my body with the correct nutrition for my goals and dietary requirements.

Q4- Where do you see yourself in 3 months (in terms of results)?

A- In 3 months time I would like to see my strength continue to increase, a further decrease in body fat and an improvement in fitness and stamina in cardio.

Q5- What do you enjoy most about the services provided at FullaSC?

A- I know that Jesse puts a lot of thought and effort into the programs, he listens carefully to your goals and builds a program that will target these goals in the best way possible. He is constantly monitoring your progress and provides good and honest feedback. Jesse is supportive and his group events are always fun and create a positive vibe.

Liz will be rewarded for her ongoing efforts with;

Fremantle Personal Training

- A gift voucher for a float or massage
- A cheat meal of her choosing

Keep up the great work Liz, we look forward to helping you continue to make strides forwards with your performance, health and body composition!

Until next time,

Train hard!



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