Why you're ALWAYS trying to lose weight

You want to know why you are always trying to lose weight?

I'll tell you.

You may, or may not like the response. But, if it helps you on your way to achieving your goal, I've done my job.

Your diet isn't as good as you think it is.

That is the reason you are always battling and trying to continuously get that weight off. You haven't quite got the recipe right with regards to portion type, size and meal timing.

If you disagree with the statements above, why are you still trying to 'lose' the weight and not just maintain 'keeping it off ' then?

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The fact of the matter is, that if your diet and nutrition habits were good, your training program was suitable AND you were consistent (more than just 4 weeks) then you would have more than likely achieved your goal. Or at least got closer to it!

So, with the tough love out the way, I want to give you some strategies and tools that you can use, as of right now; to help you get closer to the body you truly want.

1. Identify what it is that you truly want. And WHY

The why is a big factor. The bigger, and more powerful your WHY, the more effort you will apply and the more likely you are to stick to the tasks at hand when the going gets tough.


-Do you want to lose 5kg to look sexy for your partner?
-Do you want to put on 3kg of muscle so you don't look so skinny?
-Are you embarrassed by tight-fitting clothes because they make you look frumpy/chubby in certain areas?
This is something YOU will have to identify and get clarity on before you can apply your efforts going forwards.

2. Find out your limiting factors

  • What is the biggest thing you struggle with?
  • What is currently letting you down?

  • Is it the late-night cravings and eating sweets?

  • Is it boredom?? Do you just eat because you're in front of the T.V? 

  • Do you eat too many carbs, in the form of bread, pasta, rice, chips/potatoes?

  • Are you consistently exercising, or is it being pushed to the side, because you've had a big day at work?

If you can find the trigger, or the area which is holding you back, then that will help you unlock the shackles to reaching your goal/s!

Once you identify the areas which need improving, you can implement the following tip.

3. Create behaviour goals

"What the heck are behaviour goals", you may be thinking. And that's ok.
I'll explain exactly what they are, and how they differ from outcome goals (The end product/goal).

So you see, the behaviour goals are the little steps, the action-items that we implement to help us reach the desired outcome or goal. 

We cannot directly control the outcome. But, we CAN directly control our behaviours and actions to help us get there!
My recommendation would be to create between 1-3 weekly behaviour goals for;

  • Nutrition/Diet
  • Exercise/Activity

This way you have a few focus points on the two big items each and every week which will play the biggest role in you achieving your goals. 

(Our FullaSC athletes have just received their copies of such a document)

4. Use a confidence scale

No, I'm not talking about scales that you use to weigh yourself.
What I'm referring to, is a scale between 0-10 to establish whether or not a habit is going to be followed, long-term.
The scale works like this. You identify something to change (behaviour goal) and you rate your confidence level on being able to follow through and apply it.
0= Not confident at all. No chance of it happening.
5= Somewhat confident. Would happen about 50% of the time.
7-8= Pretty confident. Could do it on a very regular basis. More than 3/4 times.
10= Super confident. Can do it, no questions asked!

The modifications and behavior goals that you put in place should be AT LEAST A 7/10 on the confidence scale.

If they're not, then they won't stick long-term. And that's what we're talking about. Not losing 5 kilos, and then having 5 or more come back, 6 months later!

5. Find out what's going 'in' each day

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I will make this a super simple one.

Write down EVERY. SINGLE. THING that you put in your mouth every day.


Putting pen to paper of what you actually consume on a daily basis will open your eyes to all the little things that you 'forgot' you ate or drank.

Believe me, it will give you a reality check of how good your diet really is.

All those sweets, coffees with sugar, snacks, 'healthy' bars and nuts that you eat will tally up to a reflection of where you may be falling down.

After you record a full week (7 days, including weekends) of food and liquids, review it.

Sit down, find out what should, and perhaps shouldn't be in there. From this point you can either work on a reduction, or elimination process of those items.

So there you have it, 5 strategies to help you get that weight off and keep it off, for good.

One last recap so you have your action plan fresh and ready to rock and roll;

  1. Identify what it is that you truly want. And WHY
  2. Find out your limiting factors
  3. Create behaviour goals
  4. Use a confidence scale 
  5. Find out what's going 'in' each day

I hope this has opened your eyes as to why you have maybe been unsuccessful with your weight loss.
 But more importantly, what you can do to get it moving in the right direction.

Permanent weight-loss!

Until next time,

Find your WHY,



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