Are you a program hopper???

Before I get too far into this article, I want to address what 'program hopping' is and how you can establish whether or not you are a program hopper.

Program hopping

Does this sound like something YOU do???    

Does this sound like something YOU do???


A common error most fitness enthusiasts make! Swapping, changing or altering their gym routine or program on a frequent basis. This can be daily, weekly, or every few weeks.

Now, I will definitely admit that varying the stimulus, or changing a program can be beneficial to see new gainz and create a good training effect.


When this occurs weekly, you aren't doing your body any favours.

The aim of training, regardless of your goal/s (Fat loss/increased strength/look better naked) is to make the body adapt to a given stimulus.

Basically, we want it to become more efficient as an organism.

Some benefits of training could include;

  • Speed up the metabolism
  • Build more muscle
  • Burn more fat
  • Improve overall health
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Reduce resting heart rate

So you see, the problem with 'program hopping' is that the body doesn't know what it is trying to adapt to.

Let me put it like this. 

One day you do a cardio session. Next session, a CrossFit workout. The following, a spin class. Then, yoga.

What do those training modalities have in common? Nothing.

Therefore, you aren't really developing a specific area, or addressing a specific goal (Less fat/more muscle/improved fitness). It's all over the place!

Fremantle Personal Training

This is not conducive to short-term, or long-term results.

  • If you want to get rid of body-fat, seek out a program designed to shed those kilos.
  • To increase your lean muscle mass, get on a hypertrophy (Muscle-building) program.
  • Want to improve your fitness, then organise a program focusing on cardio and exercises which will carry-over to that.


The solution to this is a Very simple one.

Pick. One. Thing. To. Focus. On 

It really is that simple! 
Unfortunately though, people's attention spans are quite short (mine and yours included). We are easily drawn to bright colours, buzz words and the latest and greatest workout of that particular day.
Below, I am going to outline what I feel are the easiest ways that you can overcome this trap and truly get the results you want and deserve. 

But first, ask yourself these 5 questions;

  1. What is your main goal? (Be as specific as possible)
  2. When would you like to achieve this goal by?
  3. Why is it important for you to achieve this goal?
  4. How badly do you want to change? 
  5. Are you ready to make a change?  

If you answered them carefully and truthfully, I'm sure there are things that spring to mind, which you are currently doing, and perhaps don't need, or shouldn't be doing. 
There ARE a few things, aren't there!?

Now you have identified what you DON'T need. Let's focus on the biggest aspect of all. What you DO need!

"Do you want to be Jack, or do you want to become the master?"

"Do you want to be Jack, or do you want to become the master?"

  • Fat loss/Weight loss requires an adherence, or a follow through on your end to tick the required boxes each week. Mainly, a negative energy balance, or 'calorie deficit'.


  • Muscle gain requires a higher exercise frequency in terms of lifting weights, and also prioritising protein. To repair and rebuild new muscle tissue. 

So, which category do you fit in and what is it that you need to start focusing on?

If you need a hand in getting started, or a push, feel free to reach out to me via Private Message on Facebook.

Until next time,

Focus on one thing!