How to avoid screwing up your diet when going out

Whether it's going to an event, watching a show, attending a friends birthday, the XMAS break or just heading out for a guys/girls night out, you can bet there WILL be a time where your diet will go off-track.

It's how you prepare and manage these times which will dictate how quickly, or slowly, you make changes to your body.

Losing body-fat, toning up and showing off more muscle definition comes down to your diet.

How consistently you consume specific foods and liquids. It's never just one meal or drink. 

You might do really well in terms of eating 'clean' or healthy during the week, but then create a damaging effect on your hard work over the weekend.

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That's why I want to arm you with 3 tips to avoid 'screwing up' your diet if you have an event coming your way.

First and foremost I want to outline something - calories dictate your weight.

  • Consume more than your body needs = weight gain.
  • Consume less than your body needs = weight loss.

In saying that, all calories are not equal. But I won't go into that just here.

If you want more info on that topic, click here and use the resource provided.

Below are 3 ways which you can stay on track when you have an event or celebration coming up.

1. Partition calories

This is where you divide you calories throughout the day in order to leave you some calories for your event. The aim of this strategy is to help consume fewer calories throughout the day so you can enjoy the event, without going overboard.

In its essence, you are restricting calories prior to your event, knowing that you will probably make them up via consuming foods and liquids which you normally wouldn't.

Picking this strategy is both smart and effective.

A huge component which is missing from many peoples lives is having the ability to apply outcome-based decision-making.

You feel hungry, you eat.

You feel thirsty, you drink.

You didn't think. 

You just *did*.

This means there isn't a conscious thought or effort given when it comes to food and drink consumption. No bueno.

Stop. Listen. Think.   Then eat.

Stop. Listen. Think. Then eat.

So how exactly do you partition calories?

You can pick one of two options for this strategy;

  1. Eat smaller meals than you normally would
  2. Eat fewer meals than you normally would

Both scenarios produce the same outcome - A reduction in total calorie intake. That's the goal!

Pick the method which appeals to you the most and run with it.

No need to over-complicate it. This is a simple strategy - keep it that way.

2. Eat dinner before you go

If your event is at night and you're concerned that once you have a few drinks "It's all over", think again.

A proactive approach to an evening get-together is to consume your food before you go out.

That's if your event isn't a dinner. If it is, continue down the page to tip #3.

Let's say you're going out with the girls for a night out on the town. Before you plan on heading out, eat a good nutritious dinner.

Something that has protein, smart carbs and fats in it. No liquids, except water.

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As with your already good nutrition habits, practice your mindful eating and enjoy your meal. Don't scoff it and eat as fast as possible. This can lead to over-eating and stretching your total calorie intake.

The aim of this strategy is to get your good meals in before you go out and then refrain from meals until your event is over. 

More times than not, the options available to you late at night aren't the most healthy. As such, it will challenge your ability to maintain a calorie deficit when you choose those calorie-dense options.

3. Check the menu/food selection prior

If you're on your way out to dinner for a meal and want to stay on top of your consumption then this is the area you should focus on.

You have two main segments which make up your arsenal in this domain.

1. Decide on meal and drinks before you head out - Look at the menu

Most restaurants nowadays have their menu somewhere on the internet.

If it's not on Facebook or their website, it's on Menulog.

And if it's not, do what people used to do - ring up and ask.

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This way you can take a quick look and assess which would be the best option for you under the circumstances.

Do the best you can.

With what you have.

Right now.

2. Create custom meals

This one is something that a lot of people overlook.

I'm not sure if people realise, but restaurants are available to serve you food, that you want.

Oh look!   'Create your own pizza'

Oh look! 'Create your own pizza'

If you want to make an alteration, or adjustment to their standard menu, I'm sure they can accommodate that for you. 

  • Rather than having deep-fried fish, perhaps grilled would be a better option.
  • Instead of having fries, ask if they have roast potatoes or vegetables.
  • Having a rice or pasta dish which is high in carbohydrates - ask if they can minimise (half) the carbs and maximise (double) the protein.

You may find that you have to pay a few extra dollars, but it'll be worth it. 

There is always a cost. A trade-off.

Wanna save a couple bucks, or you do want to save a few-hundred calories?

That is the question you must ask yourself.

Are you willing to make some small changes and trade-offs to make reaching your fitness goals easier?

I can't answer that. Only you can.

Until next time,

Stay on track.