Punch your excuses in the face

Training for improved body composition, health and/or performance takes time and effort. No-one can deny that. 

It is a journey that will be like a roller-coaster. (See below)

You'll have some good days and you'll have some downright crappy days. These are all part of the process.

These all add up and reflect on the results that you see, or don't see.

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But, when it comes to getting results, there are only 2 reasons why people fail. Only two!

Can you guess what they are?

  1. The plan is good, but the execution isn't (the plan isn't followed)

  2. The execution is good, but the plan isn't (the plan sucks)

Try not to think of the 'willpower', or 'motivation' to do what is required. That comes under number 1. Execution of a plan.

Knowing that fact, what do you feel is the real reason why YOU aren't getting results right now?

Take a few seconds to think about it.

I'll wait.....


Oftentimes, people attribute their so-called 'failures' (really, they are setbacks and opportunities for learning) to;

  • Lack of motivation
  • Not having 'enough time' (all-time favourite)
  • Poor discipline
  • Not knowing what to do to get results
  • Being unsure of how to work around injuries

Those are just a few examples. But, they give you an idea of some reasons why things don't always go according to plan.

Now. They can also be called excuses.

The reason I say this, is, because each of those 'excuses' have solutions to them. Each and every one!

  • Lack of motivation --> Your purpose, or reason WHY you are trying to make changes isn't strong enough. Or, you haven't found it, yet.
  • Not having 'enough time' --> Priorities are not aligned with the goals. Get off social media, get to the gym and cook some healthy foods.
  • Poor discipline --> You do NOT need discipline, if you have a good plan. Stop trying to muster the strength to do X. "Don't even have the conversation with your brain". If it says do X, do X. Really, it's that simple!

You get the picture.

Fulla Strength and Conditioning

Each scenario has a perfectly rational response and more importantly, a SOLUTION.

This can be achieved with just about any excuse you can think of!

now, The way to get out of your own way and address the issue is by doing the following 3 things;

  1. Step away from situation (tunnel vision) and look at what's going on, objectively. What are the facts? Not opinions! What is actually happening?
  2. Identify what you can control and have a DIRECT ability to change. You can change your own actions and thoughts. But, not others. Change anything that you have full control of.
  3. Decide what needs to change. What would happen if I changed X? If I did Y a bit differently, what would happen? Repeat this process until you find a suitable option that results in a resolution of the old 'excuse'.

There will always be excuses in this world. But, there will always be solutions to them.

It's up to you to decide if you want to let them bog you down and get in your way, or if you want to look at the big picture and find a way to make it work.

As a mentor of mine, Zach Even-Esh says, "Punch your excuses in the face".

Zach has a podcast, called the Strong Life Podcast, which is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of excellence. To become strong, in lifting and in life.

I have been following his advice and message for many years and he's truly changed the way I view obstacles and challenges in life! You can check it out, HERE.

If you want to let the same old excuses hold you back from reaching your full potential and ultimately, the best results of your life, you can.

On the other side.

If you want to stand up, take ownership and get your shit together, then I will be in your corner and be there to support you 100%.

It all starts with taking ownership, deciding what you want and if you're truly prepared to make sacrifices to reach your goal/s.

Everyone has the ability to get better. It doesn't require talent!

There is no magic potion, or 'silver bullet' that will instantly transform you into the Rock, or Scarlett Johansson.

You have to work for it and put your excuses to the side.

Are you prepared to punch your excuses in the face and get results?

Fulla Strength and Conditioning

To your success,


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