Team Event Recap (BREAKFAST)

Every 3 months or so, we try to get together with all of our clients for a team event or get-together.

This one was a bit overdue, but was a great team-bonding event, nonetheless. We all enjoyed a nice breakfast together, down at May Street Larder, in East Fremantle.

My partner and I have ventured down to this little restaurant many times before, mostly to indulge in some Cocowhip (coconut ice cream). So, I thought this would be a perfect place to eat some delicious, but, still healthy-ish food.

We had a group of 9 come down and we spent about an hour and a half enjoying each other's company, which was a great turn of pace from our usual setting, of the gym.

Fulla Strength and Conditioning

At FullaSC we are all about the long-term approach when it comes to getting results, which is why it's important to mingle with other like-minded people. This creates a social support network, which is essential to long-lasting success.

It also serves as a way to meet new people and forge new relationships.

The breakfast wasn't about who could eat the healthiest meal, or anything like that! It was just a friendly and relaxed catch up, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I wanted to share with you our experience, to showcase that we fully embrace the holistic approach to getting results.

We train hard, focus on improving nutrition and daily habits, but also want our clients to enjoy the process and have some memorable experiences along the way. 

The next event will probably be a little more 'active' and I'm all ears if you have any suggestions for us to try out.

Until next time,

Enjoy the 'process'.



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