How long does it take to lose your fitness?

This topic has many differing views and with good reason. It can be quite hard to quantify and put a number on.

But, what I'd like to do is put this into context.

What do YOU consider to be 'fitness'?

Are you referring to?

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Strength

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Combination of the above
Some potential qualities of overall fitness.

Some potential qualities of overall fitness.

The one overriding factor to consider when determining how quickly (or slowly) you lose your 'fitness' is how long you have been training for.

Generally speaking, the shorter you have been training, the less experienced and adapted your body will be to the results you have accrued.

What this means is that it isn't yet 'normal' for your body to have the current level of cardio, strength and ranges of motion within a joint.

It's brand new and almost foreign for your body to possess those new qualities.

Conversely, if you've been training quite consistently for a number of years, then your body likely has a decent level of conditioning, good muscle mass and also quite mobile joints.

Where does that leave you?

Are you new to training and the whole 'gym' thing? If so, you will likely lose your fitness quicker than someone who is more experienced and has been exercising vigorously for some time.

So, the answer is -- it depends.

My advice to you would be to train as consistently as you can each and every week.

Don't be like one of the 'New Year's Resolution-ers' who want to train 2 hours, 5 days a week and then fade out after less than a month.

Fulla Strength and Conditioning

A more suitable approach would be to train 2-4 times per week, between 45-60 mins and get that nailed.

This will see your body adapt to the new level, make it sustainable and also mean that your level doesn't drop off too drastically if you do have to take some time off.

Continue to train consistently and make it difficult for your body to lose that hard-earned fitness!

To your success,


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