3 Ways To Fit In Exercise On A Busy Schedule

Are you constantly struggling to find the time to consistently fit exercise into your busy schedule?

Your intentions are good, but at the end of the day, you simply run out of time to work on your body.

It's something you want to improve, but just haven't been able to find a solution to make it work for you long-term.

I'd like to provide you with 3 options so that you can find a way to fit exercise into that busy schedule of yours, once and for all.

1. Do it first thing in the morning

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When exercise becomes the very (or near) first thing you do each day, you are guaranteed to rarely miss a training session.

It sets the tone for your whole day and means that everything else will follow on from that positive start to your day.

Rather than trying to ‘fit it in’ somewhere in your busy schedule, it now becomes priority #1.

That in itself will set you up for a successful day. Wouldn't you agree?

Got kids? Try and get in a quick 30-minute session before they wake up.

You’ve now improved yourself physically and are now prepared mentally for any situation or obstacle that may be thrown your way.

The night before: Set your clothes out near your bed, along with your sweat towel and have a bottle of water near the front of the fridge so you’re all set to go.

2. Book it as an appointment

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When was the last time you missed a doctor’s appointment? A car service? A check-up at the dentist?

Totally forgot you even booked it!?

Today, we now have the luxury of receiving appointment reminders which automatically go into your diary - at least they do on Google Calendar, which is what I use.

If you have that set up on your phone, then I bet it’s pretty hard for you to “forget” an appointment.

Your phone will ding, vibrate and also pop up with a message on your screen.

You can’t miss it!

Once you have your training time/s organised, pop them in your phone and have them set up as a recurring appointment, so they repeat each and every week.

This way your workouts are scheduled first and all other appointments, such as, meetings, events and date nights can be made *around* them.

Now, this might seem like a foreign concept, or possibly, overkill for some.

You might be thinking, “I only want to workout, not devote my whole life to exercising”.

While I understand and appreciate that, I also understand that most people don’t prioritise correctly, or at all!

Which is why it's crucial for you to book this time in advance.

If you don’t book that time slot, something, or someone else WILL book it for you.

Once again leaving you with “no time” to exercise.

3. Get serious

Serious face isn't essential.  But if it helps get in the zone, go for it!

Serious face isn't essential. But if it helps get in the zone, go for it!

With you having a busy schedule, it’s easy for exercise to get pushed to the side in order to make time for other stuff.

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you want to make changes to your body, then you need to change.

Something has to give.

Nothing happens until something moves.” - Albert Einstein

If you currently place exercise as a 3 to 5 out of 10 on a scale of importance (0 being not at all important and 10 being the most important), what kind of results do you think you'll get?

  • They won’t be significant.

  • They won’t be sustainable.

If you are serious about fitting exercise into your schedule so that you can get real, meaningful results, then you need to start taking things a bit more seriously.

This might result in you hiring a trainer, or investing money in proper coaching.

Chances are, you’ll be on time, you will miss fewer sessions and will put in more effort.

That sounds like a pretty great outcome, all from changing your mindset and investing in your training.

This approach will also fast-track your results.

A good coach will ‘cut the fat’ out of your training; meaning you focus only on the things which will have the biggest impact on you.

You’ll get much better results, in a lot less time!

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There you have it.

3 strategies which you can use, as of right now, to start putting yourself first and making exercise a regular fixture in your schedule.

I hope one (or more) of these strategies will be a good fit for you so you can create a sustainable exercise habit and make some amazing progress as a result of training regularly.

If one of these tips helped you, I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Create that schedule.