How to Find Balance with Exercise (and Still Get Results)

When it comes to changing your body and reaching a fitness goal, everyone always talks about the need for "balance".

While in theory, this is a good ideal, most people don't fully comprehend what this entails.

I find that most people have a poor understanding of this concept and what it truly means.

Losing weight and dropping body fat.

Building muscle and showing off definition.

Increasing your strength and developing your fitness.

Whatever goal it is you're chasing, most of us want balance.

What is it though?

Do you know the facts about what balance actually is?

Balance is about accepting and realising, to achieve a certain outcome, you will be pushed to 2 ends of the same spectrum.

Here are a few examples of balance.

  • Pleasure AND pain.

  • Challenge AND support.

  • Ease AND difficulty.

That is what balance is.

It is two sides of the same coin.

You cannot (will not) change your body, improve your physical performance or have the life you want by only being on one side of the balance spectrum.

  • "I want to get a 6-pack, but not have to watch what I eat" -- is being out of balance.

  • "I want to feel better about my body and what it can do, without exercising" -- is out of balance.

  • "I want to have more energy and stop feeling so run down, and still stay up till midnight" -- is out of balance.

Fulla Strength and Conditioning

Balance is about doing both parts.

The hard stuff AND the easy stuff.

Reaching out for help AND doing it on your own.

The things which feel good AND those which straight-up suck.

Do you still want to achieve your goals?

Because that is what's required.

Accept the good with the bad and realise, we all have to go through the same struggles.

It's up to you to decide if you're willing to do what's required.


Are you?