How Hard Are You Pushing Towards Your Goals?

Seriously, how hard are you pushing?

Do you work as hard as you can only when people are watching?

Only to then stop the minute they turn a blind eye or look away?

Are you applying as much effort as you're capable of, every day?

Or do you do it selectively, only when you feel like it?

How consistently do you follow your plan?

Are you consistent every day, or just on weekdays?

These are character traits which define how you live and the body you inhabit.

It's so easy to do the work when the lights are on and everyone is watching.

  • At home with friends or family watching your every move.

  • When you're in the office and are surrounded by colleagues.

  • During the gym class when there are people either side of you.

But what happens when nobody is around?

When it's just you.

You're all alone and left to your own devices.

Do you eat nutrient-dense foods?

Or do you snack and much on all the goodies in the pantry or in your "secret stash"?

Do you stay active and perform structured physical activity?

Or plop yourself on the couch and become a sloth watching Netflix and re-runs of old T.V shows?

Fulla Strength and Conditioning

You know you're letting yourself down.

But you just can't stop.

It's ingrained in your brain. And you've got years of practice living like this.

The habit is too strong to kick (on your own).

So you end up on this constant cycle of "I want to become better, but can't".

"It's all so hard. Should I just give up?"

"What's the use?"

Let me ask you.

  • How important is your goal?

  • Is it really worth working for?

  • Do you truly want the results and benefits it will give you?

You tell me.

Is it?

If your response was a monotone or lazy "sure", you're kidding yourself.

(And probably won't put in the work).

If you answered with an emphatic "yes". Get your shit together and get after it.

What are you waiting for?

  • Permission?

    • You have my permission. Get after it.

  • Need approval?

    • You have my approval. Get after it.

  • Don't know what to do?

    • Reach out. I'd love to help!

Your goal is sitting there waiting for you to come and claim it.

But it doesn't happen on its own.

You make it happen.