How Well Do You "Walk Your Talk"?

How well do you “walk your talk”?

As a personal trainer and strength coach, this is something I pride myself on.

Not just advising and coaching people on what to do to get results.

But actually living and breathing a healthy lifestyle myself.

This isn't a hobby or side-project for me.

It's my life.

Fulla Strength and Conditioning

But this is something I am seeing more of lately.

People saying one thing. Yet doing another.

  • Parents telling their children to exercise, yet not doing any themselves.

  • Co-workers telling other co-workers to work hard and get after it, yet don't do that themselves.

  • Partners telling their spouse to watch what they eat, yet have no regard for their own food choices or sabotaging their own and their partner's efforts.

  • Gym goers wearing these motivational Tshirts with sayings like "Train insane or remain the same", "blood, sweat and tears", "your workout is my warm-up", yet nothing they do demonstrates ANY of this.

  • People giving out diet information and advice to friends and family, but don't stick to this same advice themselves.

  • Friends saying they will wake up early and train together, yet once the initial hype disappears and "honeymoon period" ends, the feeling is gone.

This is a lack of integrity.

You say you're going to do something, yet you don't back the words up with action.

Don't just pay lip service to what it is you "say" you're going to do.

Actually do it!

More show, less tell.

Don't just talk about it, be about it.