Why You Can't Get Motivated To Go To The Gym

Heading to the gym is something you probably should be doing.

You know it's good for you and your body.

So why do you constantly struggle to get there?

  • You have no issue getting to work on time.

  • You never forget to pick your kids up from daycare or school.

  • You always make the time to catch up with friends.

But when it comes to the gym, you always find an excuse or reason not to go.

Why is that?

It's because you don't truly see the value and benefits of going.

You don't realise or understand truly what it can do for your body.

Or, if you do see the benefits -- what you are doing (or have done previously) hasn't achieved the results you want.

You don't see the time spent at the gym as an investment.

You see it as an expense.

You see it as an hour "wasted" because there are no results to show for your efforts.

I can see why you'd be frustrated!

The gym provides so many benefits - from increased strength, decreased body fat, improved fitness as well as a strong outlet for stress reduction.

If you have a gym membership or have been attending group classes sporadically -- with no real consistency -- it's due to this lack of alignment.

You don't see (or receive) the results that the training at the gym can provide you.

Now for the good news!

If you see the connection and benefits from going to the gym, you're halfway there.

All you need to do is find a strong enough connection or "mechanism" to make it happen.

So you not only attend, but get the results you want, too!

A good plan + Consistency =  RESULTS

A good plan + Consistency = RESULTS


If you haven't been hitting the gym regularly and know you should be, this is what you can try.

Hire a coach.

Someone to hold you highly accountable to your goals.

A person whose sole job is to make sure you do what you need to physically.

That way you're guaranteed to be successful.

You will turn up every week, put in the required effort and start making real progress.

And you'll be much more likely to stay engaged and motivated towards your goals.

Is it time you hired a coach?

You'll be highly motivated and have the right plan in place to make sure you reach your goals.

Get in touch if you're ready to turn the corner.