Why Do You Keep Giving Yourself An Out?

Why do you keep letting yourself down?

Why do you continue putting your health goals on the back-burner?

Why do you sabotage yourself with poor food choices which only set you back?

Why do you always tell yourself you'll start next Monday?

Why haven't you fully committed?

I want to know.

And I bet you'd love to know the answer, too.

That way, you can make changes and get the results you want

These are hard questions.

And I'm asking them directly to YOU.

Because not many people are prepared to ask them.

I have some truth which I want to share, and might make you slightly uncomfortable. (But you may need to hear this)

  • That is why you are where you are in life.

  • That's why you weigh what you weigh.

  • That's why your body looks the way it does.

  • That's why you feel the way you do.

You continue giving yourself an easy option out and stop yourself from making lasting change.

In order for you to drop the weight permanently.

In order to create the body you've been dreaming of.

In order for you to possess the mental and physical strength you desire.

You must adopt a "Zero Option Mentality".

This means there is NO other option but success.

Quitting is not an option from this point forward, under any circumstances.

You may alter or adjust your plan, but you will not allow yourself to quit and throw the towel in, on your goals.

Sometimes you have to do things which are hard and uncomfortable.  That’s life.

Sometimes you have to do things which are hard and uncomfortable. That’s life.


No more bullshit excuses.

No more telling yourself false stories.

No more believing that you can't do it or make the necessary changes.

No more expiration or finish dates.

No more telling yourself you’re unlucky or you don’t have the genetics.

No more "starting next Monday".

Stop giving yourself an easy way out!

Start right NOW.

Are you in?

If you read this far, comment below. I want to hear from YOU.