Meet some of my clients

Tom crushing a set of Dumbbell Goblet Squats

Tom crushing a set of Dumbbell Goblet Squats

Tom Pascoe

Meet Tom.

He's been training with me for a very specific goal.

He wanted to get into the W.A police force.

He came to me with this goal as his prime focus and objective.

We both knew the standards required and what he needed to do on his testing day so he could pass.

Not just pass by the skin of his teeth or relying on adrenaline, either.

But to confidently turn up, knowing he would pass every single test.

During the course of his training, Tom changed.

He not only became stronger, fitter and leaner.

His mindset and attitude changed.

Everything revolved around getting him to that very specific goal.

This meant some days he went for a run.

Other days, he practiced his push-ups and sit-ups.

There were times where he adjusted his food choices and portion sizes.

He changed his actions so he could achieve a big goal of his.

Was it easy? No.

Was it worth it? 100%.

This is what's possible when you COMMIT to your health and fitness goals.

No putting them on the back burner or to "start on Monday".

Tom chose to act.

And that's why he passed his test and will soon become part of the W.A police force.

So proud of you and your hard work mate!

Jill nailing a set of toe push-ups

Jill nailing a set of toe push-ups

Jill Collins

Meet Jill.

Jill is someone who has been training with me for a few years now and is a woman who I truly look up to and respect.

She works full-time, has a husband who works away, looks after her youngest son, often babysits her grandkids, plays baseball and softball, travels regularly to visit her parents.

And still makes time for exercise.

Jill is a woman with a can-do attitude.

Over the last few years, she has stepped WAY outside of her comfort zone and completed 2 obstacle course races with the Fulla Strength and Conditioning team.

Even though there were several steep hills involved when I previously told her there were none. (Much to her dismay)

Sorry, Jill.

She also truly understands the role of having a strong body, being fit and healthy.

One of the main reasons Jill keeps coming back is because of how strength training makes her feel.

Empowered. Strong. Resilient. Independent.

Along with providing her with increased bone density.

Jill regularly performs squats, does push-ups, lifts heavy things and has a blast in the process.

Your quality of life and movement is determined by the activities you do each week, the exercises you perform and the people you hang out with.

Be like Jill.

Lift heavy shit and challenge yourself today.

Adam working on the areas he can (2 legs, 1 arm)

Adam working on the areas he can (2 legs, 1 arm)

Adam Merritt

Meet Adam.

He recently had surgery on his left hand (see the bandage).

This has meant we haven't been able to train 100% the way we normally would.

He can't do his regular heavy back squats or chin-ups at the moment (although he did try one yesterday).

Over the past 4 weeks or so, we have had to modify his strength exercises and training plan. 

But he is still showing up and doing what he can.

He didn't stop exercising and make excuses just because one small part of his body was injured.

We created a plan to work AROUND it.

(NOTE: Never work or train through pain)

This is an issue I hear and see a lot of people make, at the detriment of their goals and progress.

Just because some joint or part of your body has an issue, it does’t mean that the rest of your body needs to shut down, switch off and waste away.

Work around it -- find a solution.

Got an upper body issue? Train your lower body.

Got a lower body injury? Work your upper body.

When you shift the focus from "I can't do this", to "but I can do....", you open up a whole new world.

New exercises, different muscle groups so you can keep moving forward.

Results don't stop and neither should you.

Don't let an injury or joint issue hold you back.

Find a way to make it work.