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Private Consultation

How would you like to sit down with a professional with over 10 years of hands-on experience in the gym and working with clients to get their diet right, to ask any question you had regarding fitness training and nutrition?

You will have the opportunity to pick my brain about what exercises would be the best for you, your specific goals and then have the tools to create your own program.

Over 10 years worth of research, trial and error, practice, updated and refining programs, all laid out for you in simple terms and at your disposal.

If you would like to discuss nutrition, I can show you how simple things can be.

It doesn’t have to be super complicated. (It’s not.)

With my assistance, I can identify the areas in which you are strong and should be consolidating.

I will also reveal which parts of your diet need improving, develop the habits which are weak and show you how to strengthen them so you are more consistent.

From there, we can implement suitable strategies for you to fine-tune, adjust and personalise your food choices so you can get back on track, overcome a plateau on the scales, or make a weight-loss breakthrough.

This is where the power of my private consultations come in.

60 minutes of access to me and my brain to ask any questions you want regarding gym exercises, strength training, nutrition and how to get results consistently.

Rather than spending countless hours researching, watching YouTube videos and years of your life trying to “figure it all out on your own”, why not simply speak to someone who has already done that?

You can significantly accelerate the getting-results process and get the answers you seek directly from someone who has already done all the hard work and all of the research for you.

Bring a pen and paper with you to take notes.


By appointment only