Semi-Private Training (SPT)

Fulla Strength & Conditioning

Our SPT sessions use the same fundamental principles and training philosophy as our 1-1 sessions, and are run in small teams.

Sessions are limited to 4 clients per session.

The reason we keep our sessions small is so that you receive the highest level coaching possible, get the most out of every single training session, which will help you get much better results and aren’t just another number, or getting lost in the crowd.

The training environment is fun, motivating and will also bring out your competitive side.

We carefully design 4-week training programs for our SPT clients, which ensures you learn each exercise, master the technique and get better at it over the course of each program.

The programs are designed in such a way that you are guaranteed to make progress over the 4 weeks, which will be visible to you as we track your progress.

Every 4 weeks, we create a brand new program so you keep making progress, learn similar exercises and can build even more strength and fitness!

Training in small teams will help you push yourself a little bit harder, by having others alongside you also working hard towards their goals, being encouraged to stretch your comfort zone a bit further and ultimately, work harder than you would if you tried to do it on your own.

We are selective with the people we work with, which is another reason we cater for small numbers.

Our goal is to make sure that the program is a good fit for you, your goals and meets your needs.

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